Friday, March 09, 2007

Certainties & Uncertainties (Part 2)

Well, I've got the answer to question 2 in the previous post.

Yes, tick - I am right. It is too hard. Life in general is already hard enough without deliberately looking to make it harder. So I'm not. I've closed the chapter, filed emails away in a folder aptly titled "the past" and deleted the phone entry in my directory. For all my friends reading this blog and wondering about my mental health, fret no more - I insured myself well this time round, I am fine, I am moving on. I am done.

As for the relevance of the photo, my feet just look to me like they are having a conversation with each other in the vein of:
Right foot says to left foot, "So, she's really all right, isn't she?"
Left foot replies, "Yeah of course she is all right. Well, she's been on a helluva rollercoaster ride. But she's come off it now. She will be all right. Just give her a day or 2."
Right foot observes, "She never did like those amusement park rides anyway..."


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