Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Museday

Another long night - left work at 8 pm but have to dial into a conference call at 11.15 pm. Last night, I left work at 7.30 pm. So tomorrow I have vowed to go in late and leave at 5 pm on the dot. I am so tired and the whole work in Sydney thing was to enjoy the Ozzie life style and work ethics since I have to pay the outrageous taxes. But it seems as what T commented today, "5 minutes into your full-time work, they make you work these hours". How true it seems. Well hopefully this will not last too long.

And oh- I found a new apartment! It is probably twice the size of the current shoebox, with a separate sleeping platform and a nice galley kitchen in the living area which has wooden floorboards. I am looking forward to having a proper apartment even though it will be still quite small. But at least it will be decent enough to have friends over! I can't wait...

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