Sunday, July 29, 2007

Moving Under Control

Today I started to clean in preparation for the handover of the shoebox next week. The shower area has not been washed in errr... a while. So I figured I had better start doing that as I may have to do that area a couple of times before I get that to a decent state. So I took out the Jif and started scouring.

The packing doesn't seem so scary even though I haven't done that much that early. I have it mentally mapped out, so I am not that worried. I did pack another bagful of clothes which I know I cannot wear within the next 7 days. So they can safely go into the bag. I'll be getting the keys on Tuesday evening, and the next few days after, I'll start bringing little things over on my way to work as that is on the way.

Things are pretty much under control.



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