Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eat Dessert First

Saturday night dinner was a feast of Thai and quasi-Thai dishes that TG's wife, PG whipped up from her cook books. This was the long-awaited invitation to their house, from the time it was a cottage to now when in the place of the cottage, a spanking-new, big, double-storey house now stands.

I was invited for dinner and to spend the night as it was out in the suburbs and some way out to travel.

PG made an entree of minced meat patties with sweet chilli sauce. Then the mains came, there was a seafood pad thai but I think it was more of a fried beehoon really. The thai red beef curry was excellent, a little spicy and the beef was just so tender even though PG said she just bought a cheap cut of blade steak. The curry chicken was Penang style, rich in coconut and had a tinge of peanut-satay sauce sort of taste to it, I loved that and she made sure she packed some home for me the next day. There was a vegetable stir-fry for our token veggies intake and basmati rice.

Dessert was made by O and she made this delicious tart filled with a caramelised condensed milk filling which both PG and I thought would be pretty easy to replicate for the next dinner party. The little chocolate cases she painstakingly painted layer upon layer and filled with a mascarpone tinged with liquer and topped off with a cut strawberry, were just too pretty to eat. But eat we did, we devoured them in a single bite. Yummy.

What a great way to spend a Saturday night with good food and great company.

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