Saturday, August 25, 2007

Copper Pot FIsh Pie

This was an unusual fish pie. It was artistically presented (I am assuming and also cooked) in a little copper pot, topped with a puff pastry lid. The accompanying salad of rocket, pine nuts, witlof (which only G knew what it was and had to enlighten us - it's the cabbage-looking vegetable), caramelised onions and passion fruit was aesthetically strewn on the side of the white square dish.

Other than not being salty enough for me (and I normally don't add salt to my food at the table), it was quite good. The snapper was mashed up with some veggies and cooked like a stew. I was the only one who found 4 bones (not even little ones) in my pie, the other 2 people who had ordered the same thing at my end of the table, seemed to have no issues with bones in their pie. This was pretty good pub grub, quite different from the usual $7 steak variety of pub nosh. The effort put into in the beautiful presentation also differentiated this restaurant from the usual pub bistro. I'm definitely coming back to try the yellow fin tuna burger at the pub itself.



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