Sunday, August 26, 2007

Self-Catered Cafe-Style Brekkie

For the last few weekends, we have been having brekkie together at various nearby cafes. Me, always ordering toast with preserves and a latte, G, always ordering toast with avocado, cheese and an egg with a skinny flat white. Both, always poring over the papers as we devour our breakfast in companionable silence.

So we decided that for this Sunday's breakfast, we would buy a sourdough loaf (and a couple of coffees) from my favourite Bourke Street Bakery, some avocado, tomatoes, cucumber from G's grocer, and I'll bring a supply of King Island cheddar from my fridge and we would assemble our own cafe-style brekkie.

That's what we did late morning, the apple and oat sourdough was super delicious, the tomatoes sweet with a dash of balsamic vinegar and a generous sprinkle of salt, the avocado and cucumber were a refreshing difference to the cheddar and we ate the whole loaf bar 2 slices (saved for my lunch of tuna and avocado sandwich tomorrow). And actually we ate enough for lunch too, well and truly stuffed - but at least it was healthy!

Cost of our self-catered cafe-style brekkie: $15. Cost of our cosy, jointly-assembled efforts enjoyed in G's balcony: priceless.

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