Sunday, December 02, 2007

Eat A Bowl Of Tea

G is finally back after two weeks' holidays in HK and China. And these are the lovely ceramics he brought home for me from a gallery in HK. They are by a Thai potter, Somluk Pantiboon who had studied under several Japanese master potters and he now has a gallery in Chiang Rai, Thailand. You can see the Japanese influence in these pieces especially my favourite which is the teabowl with the beautiful copper red glaze on pale blue celadon. I am going to make full use of this bowl for my nightly cup/bowl of tea. Eating and drinking out of lovely ceramics make a big difference in one's life. As they say, an object of beauty is a joy forever.

G is really getting to know me and my tastes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see someone else likes the work of Somluk Pantiboon!

I stumbled upon the shop in HK that sells him.

11:53 am  

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