Sunday, December 16, 2007

Mino - An Encore Performance

Mino is one of those gems that you find and then struggle and debate whether to tell everyone about it and risk having hordes of people descend upon it and have prices put up, or to keep the secret nugget of knowledge to yourself and smile knowingly when discussions arise about where one can find good Japanese food in Sydney.

But I have been selfless and have shared this experience with some friends tonight. I tried the "goshu" mini-Kaiseki this time, as I had the "mino" mini-Kaiseki the last time which was barely a month ago only.

Everything was picture perfect and delicious. The appetisers and entrees were the best parts of the meal, particularly the seared scallops and the asparagus-wrapped duck; dessert came a close second. I had the eel as my main course tonight. Dessert was the same as the last time, the dark chocolate coated with the soya powder was the highlight, creating a contrast in texture.

Everyone had smiles on their faces as they patted their bellies, content with their choices and declaring they would be coming back for more.

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