Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Water Woes

The noise on the busy party, gay street that I live on, was not something that could be controlled. I have learnt that Friday and Saturday nights were the worst nights of the week. Wailing sirens, drunkards talking loudly, party-goers chatting on the pavement, all contribute to the sudden piercing through the night.

The second irritant of living in this apartment was the numerous baby cockroaches that began to pop up ever since the weather started warming up. This was another thing I contended with until I started having to kill between 5-10 creatures every single night. My high tolerance threshold was breached and I emailed the real estate agent who quickly contacted a pest exterminator who came and did his non-noxious magic and within a week, I stopped seeing cockroaches.

But tonight, the water supply was abruptly cut. It didn't occur to me that the roadworks on the street next to me, which had caused muddy water to slightly flood the road, which I had witnessed on my way back, would have a repercussion on my water supply - or at least that is what I suspect. With the bare trickle of water from the kitchen tap, I filled up my kettle so I wouldn't 't thirst to death and also managed to fill a third of my small bucket before that trickle dried out. I had to make do with a wet towel wipe down instead of a shower.

I'm hoping that my water supply gets restored by the time I wake up tomorrow. Otherwise, there will be trouble.



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