Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food Heaven

I have been pretty well-taken of recently by my friend from work, Shazz. Food-wise that is.

Last Sunday, she invited 4 of us to her lovely 100 year-old house for a 3-course lunch. As my camera batteries failed me, I had to take pictures with my phone which is a little complicated to download, hence the lack of visuals. We had a yummy entree of prawns in a tomato sauce, I just wanted more bread to mop up all the sauce but restrained myself to save room in my tummy cos I knew there was more delicious stuff to come, knowing Shazzy's culinary reputation.

The main course was a very creamy vegetarian lasagna. It was so rich, I was so full and tried to compensate by consuming more of her grilled pear and rocket salad. But that didn't really help... I was stuffed to the gills at this point. But then, dessert goes into a different compartment in my stomach. How can I say no? Especially when dessert was sitting stewing away on the kitchen counter which I had noticed straight away when we sat at the counter drinking wine and eating crackers with dips while watching Shazz whip up the entree. They were strawberries marinated in caramelised balsamic vinegar and sugar with a dollop of mascarpone. Vinegar and strawberries! What unlikely bed partners but oh so sweet. It was an unlikely marriage made in food heaven.

Then we nibbled on chilli bark, thin slivers of dark chocolate with chilli seeds embedded. It went down smoothly and then left a slight burning feel at the back of the throat, it actually is quite pleasant even though you wouldn't have expected it to be, looking at the chilli seeds. We cracked open the dessert wine I brought and I suppose for someone who has a sweet tooth, that is my favourite type of wine.

We practically had to waddle home that Sunday, we were all so stuffed. It was such a good meal, in beautiful surroundings and amongst great company.

Shazz continued her culinary generosity on Tuesday by bringing me lunch of Jeera rice, a short-grain Indian rice which I have never heard of, but so yummy, topped with lamb curry. I looked at the huge portion she had packed me and figured it was too much, but because it was so good, I scoffed down the whole lot and cleaned up every single grain of that. I was inspired to go hunt for my own Jeera rice now. Basmati rice is nice, but Jeera rice is better!

And today, she came with a scrumptious vegetarian quiche for my lunch. I couldn't believe my luck. This woman is an angel and a darned good cook to boot. I am now also inspired to make my own quiche. Shazz assured me that it was a really simple recipe and I just can't wait to try it.

This week so far has been Food Heaven. Mmmmmm...

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