Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sweets And Stress

Recent desserts assembled by G at home, regularly feature these vanilla biscuit sticks and grated chocolate with ice-cream or mango or melon. Served in a martini glass, they look especially elegant. And the glasses are good for portion control too. Considering the fact that we both can grab a handful of fat in the tummy area, we need to further step up on the portion and/or frequency control in the dessert area. No mean feat for people with a sweet tooth like us.

Today at a cafe in Cremorne after some property inspection, we stopped to rest our weary feet and for a caffeine infusion. Halfway through coffee, we decided that we deserved something sweet to go with the aromatic brew. I picked out this orange flourless cake which was particularly good. We shared just one of course. We have some self-control. At times.

The other day when I was nursing my swollen ankle and working from home, I threw together a quick lunch of baked beans with some lean minced pork. And I ate it with a chapati. It was a simple yet delicious meal.

Apart from nourishing my body, today I nourished my soul with some tidying up and decluttering. Sick of shoes, shoes everywhere in the bedroom, living room (I am not the culprit for these heinous crimes of course) and shoes piled willy-nilly in the hall closet, plus overspilling to the space opposite the closet, I have been telling G for ages that we need a shoe rack. He is vehemently opposed to that idea, only God knows why. Perhaps he likes the surprise of a lucky draw when you randomly fish up whatever footwear from the pile. But this has bothered me for months and finally at Ikea today, I bought this bright red shoe organiser and stuck all my shoes in it. I feel so much better after doing that. I can feel my stress level slowly ebbing...

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