Monday, May 04, 2009

The Sweet Life

I must have ended up with an unusual man with a sweet tooth, and a very sweet tooth at that since he is the only guy who wolfed down my green coconut ice. And kept asking for more.

Today I brought a little plate to work and all the men I've offered it to, have politely turned it down. They probably figured that it was going to give them diabetes if they took a longer look at it. It was made of condensed milk after all. The only guy who took some was an Indian chap and I kinda targetted him as a potential "yes" instead of a "no thanks" guy because Indian sweets are so sickly sweet anyway and he would be culturally tuned in to really sweet desserts. But even he would go for half a portion only.

So I brought the remainder home to G whose question "Is this all that's left?" warmed the cockles of my heart. Ahhh, a man who knew a good thing when he saw it.

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