Thursday, May 07, 2009

Our New Favourite Place

Finally I think our foodie luck on this side of the Bridge has turned. Slowly but surely. Feels like it's been quite a while but it's just been a month since we've moved to this side of the Bridge. We felt like a fish out of the water, this is not our usual pond. We missed our usual haunts where we'll be assured of a good feed at a reasonable price.

On this side, we had more off our list than on it. Things were not looking up. Until recently. And tonight, we sat back completely satiated and pleased that we have found somewhere that ticked all our boxes.

First off, food - Very, very good. Few, simple ingredients, but fresh and well-executed. Our 2 rectangular pizzas were excellent. A fat, succulent prawn perched on a fresh basil leaf on every portion. Lashings of cheese over yummy mushrooms on the other. Crisp dough base. Lovely presentation of rectangular (a departure from the usual round shape) pizza on wooden boards. Oh. So. Very. Good.

Next, service - prompt, friendly and efficient. Sufficiently attractive waiters. Enough said.

Lastly, ambience - we love the rattan lamp shades dotting the entire ceiling. Cosy restaurant and bar.

And the special price of $10 per pizza between 4 to 6 pm didn't hurt at all. We have found the best pizza on this side of the Bridge - and it gives our old fave, Pizza e Birra in our old neighbourhood a run for its money too.

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