Friday, June 05, 2009

See You Later, Guys

Time to take stock. In another 2.5 weeks, I will close this chapter of my life. It has been a good 12 years and a vast proportion of my working life so far. Many friends have been made here, sweat and tears all blended in, lots of laughter and lots of hugs. I remember all the good times, I remember all the good people. This place made me. The people made me. The work made me.

I know when I walk out that door, I leave behind a bunch of people I have come to love and respect. But I know they will stand behind me, and as time has shown before, leaving the physical place does not mean leaving the emotional space. The people who have shown me the support will continue to do so wherever I end up. I will miss the ease of picking up the phone, the instant messaging, the internal email system that allow seamless communications whenever one feels like chatting to a work friend just to say hello or for a quick whinge.

But I go with the knowledge that this is not a full stop, this is just a semi-colon. I won't be saying goodbye, I'll be saying see you later, guys.

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