Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glass Plate (Footless Cake Stand)

My latest market/opp shop want is a glass cake stand. A one-tier glass plate with cut or pressed patterns on a simple glass pedestal. I looked online (plenty in the US), neighbourhood opp shops and various weekend markets. I only came across one in an opp shop but the pressed glass version was of low quality with an asking price of $25. I turned up my nose at it. Inferior goods with a superior price tag.

Last Saturday, I came across this glass plate. Not quite what I was looking for, but the pattern looked well-cut and the price was very attractive - $2. Was originally asking for $3 but when I walked away not quite decided if that was what I want, the seller quickly knocked it down to $2. Now, I've seen many of these glass plates at various opp shops, there are nice ones and not-so-nice ones but none for $2. This was seemed well-cut and well-priced. So even though it was not a glass cake stand, I caressed this footless glass plate and took it home with a creative thought in my mind that I could transform it into a cake stand by super-glueing a glass candle stick to the back, creating the missing leg. Or it can just stay as a glass plate and I'll keep searching for my glass cake stand.

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Blogger sunshine said...

hey, you may wanna check out spotlight for that sort of cake stand. thk i've seen sthg like that before. tho, definitely not in $2 range.

9:27 pm  

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