Friday, September 18, 2009

Origami Boxes

Steamed cake version 4 today. I decided to steam 1 loaf but divide it into 2 smaller, squarish cakes when it's done. Before steaming, I would decorate 1 half with raisins in the form of an "A" and the other half in the form of an "L". We are going to see the Joneses tomorrow so A is for the new baby, Alexander, while L is to assure Leo we have not forgotten him although there is a new star attraction now.

Unfortunately, the decoration results were a bit of a let-down, the cake rose during the steaming and the raisins spread out. Now the "A" and "L" look like they were letters written in the shaky hand of 2.5 year old Leo.

So to enhance the appearance of the gifts to the boys, I googled up a quick tutorial to make origami boxes to house these cakes. I selected 2 scrapbook papers and quickly folded them quite easily. So with these containers folded, I put the cling-wrapped cakes into the boxes and tied each of them up with a blue ribbon. I think the new presentation of the cakes makes a difference. The Japanese always know how to present everything so beautifully. This is 1 trick I'm going to be filing away for future reference.

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