Friday, September 25, 2009

Making A Sale

Perhaps deep down inside, everyone gets a satisfaction from back-to-basics commerce that people used to engage in. Pure and simple selling and buying. I have something I want to sell, you want to buy something I have for sale. A deal is struck, both parties are happy.

G had wanted to throw this pair of dining chairs out, they were originally from B&B Italia, sitting in the cafe of the Museum of Contemporary Art. But when the Museum was changing their furniture, they sold their existing pieces and G bought 4 of these designer chairs. They have a bent wood frame and chrome tube legs. But we no longer use them as dining chairs and they were taking up space. Instead of chucking them out, I harboured hopes of having an online trading business and explored eBay earlier to see how I could start trading. I didn't like the fee structures they had and so never put anything on sale there. Instead I ventured onto Gumtree, a free online classified ads site and put the pair for sale at $25. Within a day or 2, I had a response and the buyer came this morning to collect them.

I was chuffed with the transaction, finally success after weeks of putting 4 retro orange chairs online and getting 1 measly counter offer at 25% of my asking price (the cheek!) which I sat on for days before rejecting it (just to toy with the cheeky bastard). In any case, I like these orange chairs and wouldn't mind keeping them around in case our Parker retro dining chairs give way (their creaking doesn't give me much confidence).

So on a high of making a successful sale, I am reviewing things in the house with a critical eye to see what excesses I can part with.

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