Monday, September 28, 2009


We are upgrading. Our furniture that is. When we moved into this new apartment together, I had my retro 1970s green tile top coffee table which I really like but G didn't. He had his Danish teak table and the low Ikea one which we used in the living room. Its height (or lack thereof) made it the perfect leg prop. The Danish table was much too high for a coffee table but the lines were clean and we like it for its design.

After we re-arranged our furniture recently, we moved my green table out where it sits in its place of honour as THE coffee table. The Ikea one was moved to the side of our couch as a side table. This re-arrangement works well. Until G decided that he HAD to have a replica Noguchi coffee table after we visited the Matt Blatt showroom. I didn't really want yet another coffee table in the house but was powerless to overthrow the dictator. So he placed his order for a walnut-coloured one online (I at least had a vote as to WHICH one and I voted for walnut too) and it arrived today. The glass was huge and heavy and I had to help the delivery guy huff and puff the package across the balcony (shortest distance into the house), mangled a nail badly, got pricked by some splinters from the crate packaging and the delivery man expressed surprise when I said I wanted the package inside the house, not on the balcony where we heaved it over.

So we have to re-arrange the coffee tables again. I want to keep my green tiled table but if I get a good price for it, I might consider letting it go, so am testing the market with it. But I think this table is going to stay.

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