Friday, December 25, 2009

Packing, Recycling, Reusing

The apartment was looking like a bomb site for a while before G tried to put things away and hide them in the bedroom so that it was a little more presentable for Christmas. Not that anyone or even Santa paid us a visit.

I was in a packing frenzy, trying to wrap my precious glassware gleaned over the last 4 years from various sources and keep them safe enough to survive the journey. Paper was strewn all over the floor, boxes and suitcases were open, items were repacked. I wasn't that confident that they would survive to be honest. So we've decided to pay the professionals to do the job and we can obtain comprehensive insurance for them in that case. Some things aren't expensive but they are worth a lot, they cannot be replaced because they are hard to come by, especially where we are going. It's kinda price vs value.

I've put up some stuff on Gumtree and surprise, surprise - I've had 1 person respond who was very keen in a few items and is coming to see them tomorrow morning. With some luck, we might get rid of most of them. It is a shame to let our retro pieces go and it is with great reluctance that we do so. Some of the pieces like the replica Wassily chair and the Caroma stool will go to friends and some time down the road, when we visit these friends, we will see some of these old treasures find a place in someone else's lives and giving them the same enjoyment that we've had...

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