Friday, January 01, 2010

NYE Fireworks

My last New Year's Eve in Sydney (at least for a while) - so I insisted that we have to watch the world-famous fireworks live. Now that we live on the Lower North Shore, there were places with great vantage points to see the fireworks from the Bridge and the various barges strategically placed around the Harbour. Of course being the oldies we are, we targetted the 9 pm "Children's Fireworks" rather than the actual midnight one which we would catch on TV if we were still awake at that point. We were merely observing precedents where we actually nodded off in front of the TV before the witching hour a couple of past New Year's Eves.

So I decided that we would walk to the Kurraba Road Ferry Wharf, a 35-minute walk from our home and observe the fireworks there. Upon arrival just before 8 pm, we found the wharf to be deserted, much to our surprise. We thought it would be full of revellers by that time. Instead most of the crowd had gone further down the road to the Reserve and were sitting on the grass, feeding the mozzies. We staked out our prime location on the bench closest to where the action would be. How civilised - we had ring-side seats, it was windy, there were no mozzies. I even had a flask of lemonade and Cointreau and a box of raisins and almonds.

We had an hour or so to kill and watched the sunset light up the North Sydney CBD. Some other like-minded people started coming down to the wharf as the 9 pm hour crept closer.

The first blast rang out at 9 pm and burst into a scarlet shower. We had a perfect view of one of the barges and the Bridge. One can never get enough of seeing live fireworks I think. I am glad I had my first and last NYE fireworks experience in Sydney.

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