Sunday, July 10, 2011

Loaf Of Bread

Finally made my first 2 loaves of no knead bread. The first loaf was so delicious that I had a request from G to make another one that night when the boys finished the whole loaf with cheese, olive oil and fig vinegar while watching the rugby.

The only thing was the loaf did not rise big and round when I put it into the oven. The yeast worked when I let it rest overnight for 18 hours and the second "nap" of 2 hours. But it came out to be a relatively flat loaf. I am wondering if I had not used enough flour as I followed the metric rather than the original imperial measurements. Ok a quick check using the online cooking conversion shows that it might be too much rather than not enough. So perhaps I need MORE yeast as well?

Anyway the flatness of the bread did not detract from its yumminess. The second loaf was more sourdough than the first, with a much more chewy and wetter texture. It would probably be delicious toasted too.

Something tells me I will be baking this bread very often.

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