Thursday, May 18, 2006

More Crap

Last night I had a dream. Which was unusual. And I remembered it. Which was even more unusual.

I had found a sliding door in the wall of this apartment by accident. When I slid the door open, a cavernous, black-marble, hotel-style toilet greeted me. I was surprised and the first thought that came to mind was, "Gee, my gay landlord has his own posh toilet. The other one I'm using is for visitors." Then I found a door to the backyard, and the door was so battered, the locks probably weren't of much use, keeping intruders out, so I thought to myself that I had to call the useless agent to get him to change the locks, and in the process, probably get into another argument with him as to why that did not fall under the scope of his duties (like everything else after I had signed the lease). I walked on a little and came upon yet another door. But this one, upon opening the door, even in my dream, I could smell the vile and putrid stink of the toilet. It smelt choked with waste and was gross.

I woke up.

So what did it all mean? Toilets, posh, disgusting - that I didn't know of before, all hidden under the same roof.

Was it an indication of the various options open to me now or will be open to me in due course, especially after I am done with this course? Some posh options, some crappy ones, some common ones, mostly unknown now? Does it mean that it's the same shit everywhere you go, but different?

It was an interesting dream, vivid with olfactory effects as well. I think I had actually tried to flush the vile toilet before I left in disgust. Why did I do that? Did I feel it was my job to clean it up? Or was I up for a challenge? Or did I just want to dwell a little longer in the abject?

We will have to see what comes next. I'll have to buy more rolls of toilet paper when they are on sale.


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