Monday, September 04, 2006

Doing The Maths - Saving My Apartment

It just occurred to me that if I were going home for the year end long holidays, I would keep my apartment, except that I had not made any plans to go home for a major part of the long holidays. Hence, if I were to go to London for the internship, why would I think of giving up my apartment, then coming back next year to search for another apartment, when I know, absolutely know, that there is no other apartment, for the amount of rent I am paying, that will be as nice as the one I am currently living in. The only reason why I am even contemplating this insane idea is to save the $5,000 rent in order to subsidise my living expenses in the UK.

Then I reworked my maths, it wasn't $5,000 savings, it was more like $3,600 which is significantly less. So maths is not my strong subject, never was and never will be.

That changed the picture slightly. I guess what would completely seal my decision is if I get a reasonable cost of living subsidy from work for doing project work in Brighton.

Fingers crossed.


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