Friday, September 08, 2006

Clog Unclogged

The chemicals for unclogging the drains didn't work. It was too late to call the housing agent last night so I had to do without a shower. I rang them this morning and within an hour, I was speaking to the plumber who promised to come over within the next hour and finish the job off in an hour. I am watching the clock now as I write this entry, unable to do much other work, envisioning having to wash my hair at the kitchen sink tonight in the worst case scenario.

The gale force wind outside does not help. It feels like Winter went to visit an aunt for a few days and has come back now. The paranoid in me, fears that the windows will break with the wind, and wonders if I should start taping them up for protection. After all, I've had a burnt fuse box in June, now 3 months later, my bathroom drains are all clogged up, the window glasses may very well break in this gale. It didn't help that I was almost blown off the pavement yesterday on my way home from buying the drain chemicals, and that on my way to uni, I heard a loud crrrraaaaccck and a branch fell from high up and landed somewhere in front of me. It wasn't that near but I still witnessed it. I need to think happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

This brings home the point why people buy brand-new apartments where such electrical wiring or plumbing problems are non-existent, or when they buy old apartments, these are the things you should never stinge on. Re-wire, re-do the plumbing.

Ok! The plumber came and used his drain auger or the plumber's snake on the clog and in less than 10 minutes, he was done. Of cos it was the usual suspect - hair. Due to the old-fashioned drain grating in my shower area, I cannot buy a sieve to put in there to filter out the hair. Have to be really careful (the way I was when I first moved in, but I guess I got complacent and lazy) and try to keep the hair away from the drain.

But now- I'm going to take a well-deserved, long-awaited shower.


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