Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Sky's The Limit

With just 1 forlorn-looking piece of Christmas shortbread left, I quickly whipped up a batch of cheese rock buns this afternoon, even though I still had no eggs. I used up a big chunk of cheddar which I chopped up on the chopping board (no grater, but in any case, chopping seems to be quite fast and effective too). I made 19 cheese rock buns using up the remaining butter left from my last batch of Christmas baking. It was really quick.

The end result: golden, slightly fluffy (cos I added baking powder this time) savoury rock buns. Tasty too.

Perhaps the next variation on the menu would be adding some oregano, sundried tomatoes and other herbs and making "pizza" rock buns. With some imagination and creativity, the sky's the limit!


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