Friday, December 15, 2006

If The Shoe Fits

"So why don't you stay in town tonight?" I asked MLA, as we were trying to arrange a girls' night out when L was in town this week. My social life was suddenly turbo-charged this week, ironically after my lamenting about having my social life being put on hold this year since I've moved to Sydney. I had been out every single night, hadn't eaten a meal at home since last Sunday and have been suffering migraines induced by sleep deprivation.

"Well, I have to go to work tomorrow and I don't have fresh clothes. Oh hang on, I brought a change of clothes for kayaking, so I do have clothes. Wait, I don't have work shoes, I have thongs! What size are your feet? I'm a 9." MLA asked. (NB: Thongs in Oz refers to slippers you wear on your feet, not sexy underwear.)

"8.5 but you can try on these mules." I let her slip her foot in, it fits.

So the deal was struck, she was going to sleep over in L's hotel room (as I had done one night earlier and was constantly kept awake by the sound of L grinding her teeth) instead of trudging home to the suburbs, I was going to bring her a pair of mules later that night. As we sat together in the back of the car, going back to the city, we decided that I would hand her my mules there and then and wear her extra pair of thongs home instead of bringing a pair with me that night when we met up for dinner. So I passed her the shoes telling her cheekily, "My shoes are your shoes.", the shoe-exchange felt funny, but funny-good to me, it might just look plain funny to an onlooker. Here I was, such good friends with a work-mate, who is 16 years younger than I am (old soul trapped in a young body that she is), that I was taking off my shoes and handing them to her without feeling awkward or uncomfortable.

This is what good friends are for, to walk a mile in your shoes (literally). I smiled to myself as I walked home in her thongs, they were really comfortable.


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