Saturday, December 23, 2006

Irrational Grocery Shopping And A Craving

I had this irrational fear that I would starve over the Christmas period when the shops are closed. When I flung the pantry doors open, I saw 4 types of rice, a brand-new bag of pasta, a can of sausages, tinned apricots, 5 pouches of instant creamy pumpkin risotto, a bag of chips, 2 boxes of biscuits, 1 bar of dark chocolate, 1 box of papadums staring out at me. Ok, so I won't starve during the Christmas period when the shops are closed. However, that didn't stop me from going out today and doing a spot of shopping (or 2).

I bought 4 humungous mangoes which I thought would be nice to bring with the bottle of wine to the Christmas lunch I was invited to. For my own fruit intake for the week, I bought 6 yellow nectarines which were a little bashed up by the time I trudged home (lugging 4 bags and walking uphill for miles is no joke, I had to stop and rest several times when I felt the 2 plastic bags were threatening to cut off blood circulation in my fingers).

Apart from food, I went to one of my favourite Saturday markets and bought 2 set of tea towels, a green celadon teapot with 2 tea cups, a crocheted handbag with wooden handles and a burgundy leather bound journal. All with a view to giving them away as presents to deserving friends who would appreciate each of these lovingly-chosen items, but then again, if I decide not to give them away, I would equally enjoy using them myself.

After resting for a couple of hours, I decided I hadn't bought everything that I absolutely needed. Like toilet rolls since I have 2 more rolls left only and who knows what will happen over the Christmas period? So off again I went to the supermarket. Ended up with necessities such as the toilet rolls , a carton of milk, a bag of raw sugar and some yoghurt to go with my breakfast muesli. I also suddenly felt it was a good idea to buy smoked oysters, don't know why I suddenly had a craving. So I bought a can, and immediately ate the dozen of them up with savoury biscuits when I reached home, I just needed to eat them NOW. They were delicious. Maybe my body is craving magnesium or potassium or whatever oysters are rich in. I think I'll bring some cans home to give away as gifts. Now that would be an unusual pressie...


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