Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Something Savoury

As I am down to my last 5 pieces of Christmas cookies (really rich and yummy shortbread made by J following his grandmother's recipe and J's about 60 so you can go figure how old that recipe would be), I had a stroke of brilliance last night that my next bout of baking would be to make cheese rock buns or cheese scones. Something savoury for a change.

I was going to do it tonight but I ended up working longer hours than I had planned and didn't get a chance to go get eggs from the supermarket as I had to scurry home to take a call from India. So have to push it to tomorrow, a day which I wasn't planning to go into work, but as things turned out, I have to go in yet again. This well-thought plan of cutting down my work hours and setting off the huge number of excess work hours I've chalked up, during the couple of quiet holiday weeks, is looking headed for failure.

But tomorrow, tomorrow I will bake.


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