Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cold And Damp

The rain had fallen steadily as I was walking home from work, a wet day matching the downer of a day I just had at work. 5 hours later as I sit here looking out of the balcony, the rain has lightened to a fine mist, but is still falling steadily. At least 2 people from back home have told me that it hasn't stopped raining for 2 days in Singapore. The weather there and here are in sync it seems. I don't mind the rain here, it falls gently, making you a little damp but never quite wet, let alone soaked through.

The night air is cool from the rain, but there is no wind which is good. We are well into December, well into Spring, and it is still cold. My flannel pyjamas have been completely amortised, having been worn since April, a good 8 months, they had cost A$12 each, I slept rotating the 2 sets I had bought. Best investment so far I think.

Thinking about the day I had (it's hard not to even though I've vented already to so many people in person, on the phone and the email), having to deal with the murkiness of office politics and the lack of integrity personally affecting one's livelihood when one is just merely working part-time, seems too much, too disproportionate. I guess one can never run away or buffer from the realities of life. For every irritating, unethical and unprofessional person that I've had to deal with at work, I have at least 3 wonderful, supportive colleagues. That kinda makes it worthwhile and helps keep me going.

Can I start thinking happy, positive thoughts for the Christmas period? Well, at least I can think good thoughts for the good people around me. As for the others, maybe it's time to go dig up the old voodoo doll...


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