Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Being a busybody about what's available on the rental market, I was trawling through the online classifieds when I saw the unit opposite my old apartment up for rent. One can never plan these things to the time most suitable to one's agenda. It would have been nice if I had waited out the whole of the 60-day notice period I was given by my landlord, then the apartment opposite would have become available, and I would have been able to just move my belongings 2 steps into the next apartment.

Well, I had spoken to that neighbour when I received my notice of termination and told him about it in case he knows of anyone else in that building who is moving out (he seemed to know everyone in the building). If he had known he was going to move, he would have mentioned it and maybe I could have worked something out. But I guess he didn't have plans to move then. So too bad, I am stuck in this 20 square metres of shoebox space, being painfully close to the neighbours around, hearing people talk in their backyards in their regular voices, people talking on their mobile phones as they walk down the stairs, the radio from the house across the 2-lane road (which is usually being played quite loudly) and conversations from passers-by as they walk along the pavement just below my balcony, I can see their heads, and they can look up and see me sitting in my pyjamas, surfing the internet.

Various suggestions as to how to block out the noise have been made, earplugs being the most common. I HAVE tried earplugs, but they just aren't comfortable and they don't really fit properly enough to block out the noise. Another suggestion - have white noise such as the constant hum of a fridge or fan to block out the other noise. Now, first of all, the bar fridge sits 5 feet away from my head and the hum of it is not even obvious enough to do anything. Secondly, I don't think a constant hum of obvious white noise is going to help, it will probably drive me nuts because it is after all, still noise.

As it is, I have been waking up at 6 am ever since I arrived in Sydney, Summer, Winter and now in the Spring time. The light bothers me and the blinds in both apartments just weren't sufficient to block out the light, I've had to resort to wearing an eye-mask every morning when I get woken up, just so that I can lie in bed and try to see if I fall asleep for another 2 hours, usually an unsuccessful attempt. Now I've to contend with noise as well.

I'm counting down the 6 months more I have... or hopefully, it's a matter of being immune to the noise once I've become used to it?


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