Friday, December 01, 2006

Internship Starts

Day 1 of internship. As a new exhibition will open next Thursday, now is the preparation period for it. The existing exhibition will be packed up over the weekend, the works that have been purchased have already been wrapped and bagged, waiting for their new owners to come pick them up.

Today was to photograph the works for the new exhibition (only half have arrived) and to catalogue them. So I started the day manually carrying the works (c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y) up the flight of steps from the cottage to the gallery. I asked if they had ever broken anything and the answer was yes, but it had belonged to the gallery owner, so far they had never broken anything that belonged to the artists. Arrrggghh, better be really careful. So I didn't attempt to carry too many pieces at a time, and probably ended up making 30 trips or so. (I racked my brains for the papers that we had signed for the internship and tried to remember if the college took out any insurance for us to cover such eventualities but could not recall) By the end of that couple of hours of physical exertion, I was perspiring profusely, it didn't help that it was a 31C day and the gallery air conditioning had broken down. I swear when I looked at the full-length mirror they had in the cottage, I looked positively thin, I must have lost a pound at least in sweat.

After lunch of a salmon cake with a side salad, I returned to the gallery and started photographing the remaining pieces, no time to do much photo editing when we finished. Chatted with the gallery owner regarding the process of making some of the pieces, so that I would be equipped to talk to potential customers (I guess it's like being a docent, I just need enough materials to get me going then I will be fine).

Day 1 finally ended. I was a little tired. And hot. But it was an interesting day, and I look forward to coming back on Sunday for more.


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