Thursday, January 04, 2007

Live Now, Live Well

I'm still trying to recover from the chest pains, occasional sharp stabs, not much of that, but still some. This morning when I reached my arms over my head to lift the family-sized Nutella bottle off the high pantry shelf, I must have strained myself cos the sharp pains returned after having subsided a bit yesterday. I realised I mustn't laugh cos that hurt as well. I did the lie-on-the-left-side test this morning before getting out of bed (and that is the most sadistic thing to do cos it brings on the pain like you have never felt it) and it didn't hurt so much. Hence, my conclusion is I'm getting better. Or rather I am willing myself to believe in that and THEN I can get better.

I had gone into work this morning, so many things to do. But I know all that is not important compared to what I've been through and I've decided to try to take another week off and tag that to my home trip. I'll see if the airline would let me change my flight without a surcharge. I think not having taken any time off last year and coupled with this health scare, I am entitled to 3 weeks off. And I've worked my tail off resulting in my accumulating all those excess work hours the last couple of months. And speaking of working hard, I had put in 7 hours at the office today and then had come home and done another hour on the phone with India. I just feel I'm quickly sucked back into the full-time routine rather than my supposedly focused project work on a part-time basis. Well another term of uni and I'll be back to full-time employment I guess.

Since in this ironically scientifically-advanced time and age, death and age no longer have a direct relationship, we should never postpone our living. Live now, live well.


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