Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My New Chair

It was another case of memory being better than reality.

I went back to that Vinnie's shop where I saw that chair which I (had earlier convinced myself) absolutely must have. This time the wooden legs and back look less sleek. The hard leather upholstery was actually PVC. It didn't look like a designer chair from the 60s after all. I looked at it from different angles, placed it in front of the mirror and looked at the reflection (in case I missed something). I sat on it a couple of times again. I mull over whether I should part with A$25 for this chair, when I've been picking up good, functioning chairs for free off the streets. More than that, I had intended to ship this chair home with me when I'm done here. Now do I still want to do that, having to factor in shipping charges as well?

I sat on it again, the back support was still very good. I think that was the factor that swung the vote. It didn't look as sleek but it still felt as comfortable. And it was obviously made of good, hard wood which had lasted well over these years, it was still in really good condition. It may not be a designer 60s chair but it was probably still at least a couple of decades old. I envisioned having different mismatched chairs around my dining table in the future, each with a piece of personal history behind it. Not 4 matching chairs from Ikea.

I like that idea very much.


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