Monday, March 19, 2007

The Blues Gets Better

Monday started out pretty bluesy. I was fatigued and contemplated calling in sick. The whole combo of uni, gallery, work (plus a bit of social life) has taken its toll. It was the straight-laced Singaporean with good work ethics in me that made me finish up brekkie (albeit reluctantly and slowly), pull out some clothes, throw them on and get moving.

But the day in the office went by quite quickly as there was lots to do, new people to meet, faces were finally put to names I've been emailing and talking to for a while. That was pretty good and I enjoyed the meetings and making the contact. Then a relatively long lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, posher than my fave little Viet cafe that I normally go to (and which I bring my special friends to only, so as not to overcrowd the little eatery which already gets crowded later in the evenings). The ambience was nice but the food at this posh place was just average. Costs twice as much as my cheapie fave cafe too.

Final phone interview with the potential new employers, this time with the HR manager who wanted to know my expectations for compensation, in addition to a couple of "interview type" questions she had for me. That went all right and she said I would be getting "something" from them end of this week or early next week.

And to cap it off, someone offered me his old tv as he's just bought a new LCD tv.

The bluesy day had progressively gotten better. And tomorrow I'm going to finally get a haircut (loping off all my split ends is just a glorious thought) and have my hainanese chicken rice lunch at the so-far best place I have discovered here. Ah good food - that always makes me even happier...


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