Monday, March 12, 2007

First Assignment Of The Term: Censorship

Listening to the rain outside, feeling the chilly air, I pause and gather my thoughts as I try to piece together the proposal for my research paper. Only the title and a paragraph amounting to 300 words for now. I sat down at 8 and started composing, it is now almost 11 pm. Of course I was distracted with emails, reading the news online, my nightly dose of foodblogs as I tried to write my proposal. Finally I am satisfied. This is the first assignment of the semester, and I think it's off to a good start, having moved with the swing of things. It also helps that my research papers is on:-

"Censorship In the Arts And Media: Singapore In Establishing Herself As A “Global City For The Arts” – A Case Study"

Something familiar, something of personal interest is always useful.

I've done my work for the night. Now I can go read something frivolous before bed. With the nice, cool weather, I'm almost certain I'll be sleeping as comfortably as this fat cat here, named London, who's blissfully in a world of her own...


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