Monday, July 09, 2007

Mark Foy Warehouse Loft

My heart is set on getting a NY-style one-bedroom loft now. Today I saw the one I want. But then again, at least five other people also want it. And I don't feel very hopeful that I would trump the other applicants.

This one was in the Mark Foy warehouse building, a building I had been smitten with since I saw it. I love how they convert these old warehouses into apartments in Sydney, giving them a new lease of life. There were two artichoke ceiling lights in the lobby, a nice touch. But it is the old brick-faced building with the huge Mark Foy lettering emblazoned in different coloured bricks at the top of the building, that I am enchanted with.

My fingers crossed, the decision will be out tomorrow afternoon.

Ed: Result's out. I didn't get it :-( The successful tenant offered $5 more per week (only!) with 3 months' rent paid in advance on a 12 month lease. Ah well, everything happens for a reason, I've another inspection of another loft this coming Saturday, maybe I'm meant to get this one. I'll play the same (successful tenant) tactic and offer up rent in advance, if need to!



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