Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Through My Window

One of my favourite websites, Apartment Therapy features a regular "Through My Window" entry where readers send pictures of what they see through their window. I thought it would be interesting to feature what I see through mine.

Every morning, with my white roller blinds down, I see the artistic silhouette of the trees outside my window. They are now bare in the winter and look very skeletal, but in a desolate and beautiful way, if skeletal can be that. I find that image like that of a photo negative, the pure black and white, casting a surrealistic, cinematographic quality about it.

The night scene on the other hand, is vibrant, the contrast of old brick buildings refurbished to house funky shops catering to every adult fetish, hip Asian restaurants and take-aways, numerous gay bars and clubs and other slightly more mainstream shops selling art supplies and gay literature (ok I said SLIGHTLY more mainstream not completely mainstream).

Tonight there was another different scene through my window. It was the night of the lunar eclipse where the earth comes in between the moon and the sun and throws its shadow on the moon covering it completely for a moment. The moon bled a dark crimson orange at the time I took this picture.

Three different images, all in the same 24 hours. Isn't life ever changing?

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