Thursday, September 06, 2007

Teochew Red

Teochew Red. This is what my mum calls this shade, the colour of my new cocktail shaker. It's a funny description but it has stuck firmly in my mind whenever I see this colour.

When I first got this apartment, G started making his grand plans about setting up a bar here as well so that "we" (the originally alcohol-intolerant person who has now begun to tolerate wine and actually like some and can only (actually) tell the difference between a good, smooth wine and a sharp, bleah one) can have drinks both at my and his place. I do like his Cosmopolitans and have put in a special request for him to make a less potent version for me the next time. So we started with procuring the martini and champagne glasses the first week or so after the move. And he's finally found a shaker which he likes enough to get for me. In Teochew Red no less. I guess he now knows me enough to realise my love for colours and a plain stainless steel one would not be as much appreciated as this one.

What's life if not for a splash of colour here and there?



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