Monday, February 18, 2008

Back To The Orange

Last night I recalled my first winter in Sydney, where I faithfully shopped at Paddy's Market every Sunday, buying copious amount of whatever fruit that was on sale that weekend.

Very often it was oranges in the fall and winter time. I ended up baking a lot of orange cake, which was really moist and delicious and well-received in the office. With autumn just round the corner, the crisp air reminded me of that orange cake.

Today at teatime, a colleague asked if any more baked goodies were forthcoming from my oven. Flattery would get you everywhere, and so it was decided that an orange cake would fulfil that request. After a long lapse, the results turned out a little different - less moist, less sweet, less buttery. On the positive side, perhaps healthier?

But on the whole, still tasty, I'm sure the folks at work won't be complaining tomorrow.

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