Sunday, February 24, 2008

I Want, I Want

I caved in. I succumbed. I need this 60s Day/Night Sofa bed. No, I want this.

Well technically not this orange one, but in the same style except with off-white covers with black and brown flecks in it. I didn't even realise that the sofa opens up into a bed, although it did say "day/night" on the label. The one I want is even better as it comes in a complete lounge set with 2 armchairs as well. The fact that it opens into a sofa bed like that make it even more fabulous, and increases my "want" meter for it. I now regret that I've not put in a higher absentee bid for it in tomorrow's Design Auction.

Should I ring up the auction house and increase my bid? Or should I just cross my fingers and hope...

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