Saturday, June 07, 2008

Currying F(l)avour

Curries are a good idea on a cold winter's night although Sydney's winter is usually not that cold. Furthermore, we are just at the start of winter and the worst is yet to be. But still, curries are a good idea. G likes the Indian curry while I am faithful to the Malaysian/Singaporean-style curry. He mentioned having curry for dinner tonight after our most unsatisfactory Indian curry meals 2 nights ago, so I agreed to make some, remembering the Singapore Curry Mix that Deb brought me some time back.

I made a vegetable and fish (mushroom) tofu curry tonight. We both love this tofu, fondly referred to as mushroom tofu. It had been out of stock at the usual Asian supermarket I patronise, for months. I was afraid the manufacturer had discontinued the product, until last week, at another Asian supermarket, where I found the long yearned for tofu. This is one thing which tastes as good in real life as in memory. The curry was a resounding success, G who doesn't usually eat carbs at dinner, had 2 helpings of rice with the curry.

Dessert was from Bourke Street Bakery - a pretty-looking, scalloped edged plum and almond tart and a beautifully-caramelised strawberry vanilla creme brulee. The creme brulee was a hit, and although the tart was not bad, it wasn't quite good enough to be worth $4 we felt.

And since we were at the Bakery, we planned ahead and also bought tomorrow's bread today - a raisin and hazelnut sourdough for breakfast. The bread there has never disappointed us before and we are all set for Sunday morning.

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