Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ciel Rouge And More

Dinner last Thursday night was at Ciel Rouge, a somewhat cosy French restaurant with chandeliers and red ceilings (hence its name) with red oil paintings of abstract landscapes (just up my alley) adorning the walls. Colour theory was obviously practised here, red whets the appetite, which is what every cafe and restaurant would want to elicit in their customers.

One glance at the short menu and I had succumbed to the duck confit (for comparison purposes to Onde some weeks ago where I feasted on the same, was my excuse) with duck sausage plated on parsnip puree. It was delicious. My zucchini flowers entree was equally yummy. G's entree was a squid risotto which was absolutely fabulous and his main was crispy skin barramundi. I think it's a tie between Onde and Ciel Rouge, I can't say which duck confit was more heavenly.

We were satiated. But that did not stop us from paying the French bakery opposite Ciel Rouge a visit. G had fond memories of that bakery from the period in his relative youth, where he still found it tolerable, exciting even, to live in the Cross. Now he insists we are too old for such excitement and need a more genteel inner city residence.

Flourless chocolate cake caught his eye, but what caught mine was macaroons. Chocolate and raspberry ones. They were perfectly shaped, a largish size and the scarlet just called out to me, after the red in Ciel Rouge (and my pinkish red roses that G brought me earlier), it seems like a good complementary choice. Raspberry macaroon with hazelnut chocolate ganache filling. Ah, I have found the best macaroon in Sydney. The chocolate cake was like a shot of deja vu coursing through me as I took a bite. I took another and pondered, rifling through the foodie archives of my brain. My first thought was it tasted like the Valrhona chocolate lava cake from Bugis Junction. But another taste cemented it. This was exactly like the chocolate cake to die for, from the French Stall back in Singapore. French bakery cf French food stall - bingo! I know where to go to when I want another taste of that to-die-for chocolate cake.

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