Sunday, April 27, 2008

To Market, To Market

This long ANZAC weekend was pretty full-on. We enjoyed several good meals (including some good pumpkin and Parmesan soup at a cafe run by worshippers of a cult who live in a commune and grow their own food and bake their own bread for sale) , got together with a dozen plus friends, stayed out late (which we hardly ever do) ate, drank and made merry. And we will probably be paying for it the coming week. I have decided I would get on a quasi-Nazi diet for some detox. Fruit, veg and tofu for dinner for the next 5 nights. This is probably the guilt talking. For now at least.

I also managed to squeeze in a couple of visits to Rozelle Markets, the Vinnie's and Salvos at Rozelle which always seem to yield some interesting ceramics, no exception this time where I found a great cheese bell to pair up with the smaller cheese/butter bell I got myself when I first arrived in Sydney and a container with a cork lid. I also got a little creamer jug and a pair Chinese/Japanese teacups, 1 stoneware with some brushwork and another porcelain with delicately painted leaves and vines. I am going to enjoy drinking the really fragrant Oolong tea from Taiwan with these cups.
There is another stoneware dish with an interesting glaze. I always feel that my food will taste somewhat better in these ceramics than in some "normal" Ikea crockery.

Other great finds this weekend include a black hat with flowers and feathers trim, just in case I ever go to the races. I mean for $4, having a lovely, standby hat for that you-never-know moment when you need it, is a good investment I reckon.

And finally, to top it off, I got this vintage, ochre faux leather jacket for $5! It has a 1970s Karen Carpenter feel about it I think and the braid detailing adds another dimension to it. I really, really like it.

So I've had a fantastic haul these 3 days. That's what I love about living in Sydney - all the treasures you can chance upon in the markets and the opp shops. I know that when I leave Sydney and return for holidays, my vacation will be planned around market days for sure.

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