Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Swing

It was a garden apartment, 2 bedrooms with a courtyard. The fourth property we were viewing on Saturday. The living room was compact and the corridor to the courtyard, narrow. Along the corridor was a really small bedroom with a built-in cupboard.

Except that instead of a bed, there was a... contraption. A metal frame with a leather seat in the middle, suspended with 4 steel chains with leather stirrups. It was as though we had walked into an S&M lair!

We gave each other a look, and wordlessly scurried into the courtyard, before we had a whispered discussion. "Was that for bondage?", "Why would they leave that thing in there when the apartment is up for viewing?", "That room was so small anyway, they probably can't fit a bed in!"

This was the first time I've come across anything like that in real life. A sex swing! It looked quite intimidating with the black leather and chains, even though now after trying to find a picture of a similar contraption online for this blog, I know that the one we had seen, was a high-quality, luxury model. And obviously a complete shock in a property viewing situation.

Whatever happened to fresh flowers, and the smell of cookies baking and coffee brewing?

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