Sunday, May 18, 2008


This was the trip to meet the parents. We had booked the air tickets a couple of months ahead and still had to deal with the budget airline changing our itinerary without so much as consulting us. It was by a pure stroke of luck that we found out. But in any case, we got to Rocky and then to Yeppoon without any issues in the end. (Returning from Yeppoon was another story - because we had to fly to Brissie, then to Sydney. Then I went to the International terminal to catch a flight to Singapore, stayed overnight and slept 5 hours, then caught the early shuttle flight to KL. But that really is another story.)

So Yeppoon. G said 5 minutes into arriving at the resort in Yeppoon, "I hate the country. I wanna go back to Sydney." Well, it certainly wasn't Sydney. But the resort was so self-contained (with a captive audience) with rolling grounds and amenitites, we hardly needed to leave it the 3 days we were there, except for the one trip into the township to get some groceries so as to avoid having to pay an arm and a leg for breakfast every morning!

As there was really nothing much to see in town, we spent our time in the resort having massages, playing lawn bowls and miniature golf, walking on the beach and admiring strange nature formations on the sand and eating big meals. The weather was nice and warm, we forgot that we were well into autumn as during the day, we reverted to summer wear and slapped the sunblock on. No wonder old people move to Brisbane to retire.

Lawn bowls and miniature golf were a first for me, I discovered that I wasn't too bad at putting, perhaps golf might be a leisure option when retirement time comes.

Oh and meeting the parents? They were lovely people, and I heard some stories about G that might come in handy some day. In fact, the photo of him in his lycras carrying the torch in the relay for the opening of the Commonwealth Games some time back, just came in the post today with my birthday card from his mum!

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