Monday, June 09, 2008


This is a tamarillo. It is a fruit from New Zealand, and is also known as a tree tomato. We are having it with vanilla ice-cream tonight for dessert.

Dinner tonight was crepes with freshly-made pesto, tuna, tomato and avocado. I managed to do the flick of the pan to turn the crepe over, however the weird thing was the first crepe I made was the best-looking of the lot and they got progressively uglier. I am not sure if it's because the flicking arm got tired or practice just doesn't make perfect in this case.
The tamarillo had an unusual taste, the seeds reminded me of pomegranate although they were crunchy and tough the way pomegranate seeds aren't. The seeds were a little like passionfruit but harder, the flesh wasn't very sweet probably because this one wasn't fully ripened. I guess it tasted a cross between a vegetable and a fruit. I think I won't be in a hurry to pay almost $2 for another tamarillo. Oh and speaking of exotic fruits, we do have another dessert of glutinous rice and durian in the fridge.

Let's just counter a strange fruit with another. They might cancel each other out!

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