Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chinese Tea Cups

I think we haven't been having brekkie at the cafes for quite a few weekends. So this Saturday, after an early power yoga class for me, and a tennis coaching session for G, we treated ourselves to the organic cafe and had brunch.

I had a veggie fritatta with some sourdough while G had the spinach and red lentil soup. It was a light brunch, healthy and quite tasty, despite the lack of animal protein.

We checked out the auction house on Sunday in preparation for the mid-century design sale on Monday. We spotted a sideboard which I liked a lot and which G was in favour of initially, but subsequently changed his mind. He wants a Chiswell sideboard, which will match my Chiswell display cabinet. The Chiswell sideboard he wants, is for sale at $1,200 at the gallery upstairs. I still like that sideboard but I suppose what we need now is not another sideboard, but a chest of drawers for our clothes. So focus, focus, focus.

But as compensation, I bought a pair of little chinese-style teacups that I found, for a princely sum of $2.50, being 50% off its normal price. I can immediately tell that one cup is much better made than the other, the look and feel are so disparate. And the better cup has a little white mark in the middle of the glaze but I like the colour and glaze enough to let all that pass. And the price tag helped as well.

We are going to be able to enjoy our trove of chinese tea from these little tea cups now in an appropriate style and ambience. And they can double up as sauce bowls too when we have company over.

Cost of a pair of chinese tea cups: $2.50.
Cost of finding treasures at $2.50: priceless.

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