Saturday, June 14, 2008

Leaving On A Jet Plane (Not)

So here we are. Saturday night. In Surry Hills. Sydney.

We should already be in Singapore. Having a nice local Singapore meal. In the sweltering humidity.

But we are not. Thanks to a lousy cracked windscreen on the Singapore Airlines plane we were supposed to board this morning at 8. It was still dark and really cold (finally felt like winter the first time this year) when we arrived at the airport at 6.15 am. Subsequently the fateful news was broadcasted over the PA system and there was a delay while they made plans to transfer us to other flights. Finally close to 12 noon, we left the airport, upset and disgruntled that we were unable to be transferred to any earlier flight than an 8.30 pm one which would get us into Singapore at the ungodly hour of 1.30 am. After being up at 5 am, the thought of being kept awake till at least 2.30 am when we estimate to arrive at mum's, was not enticing at all. So we chose to take the same flight, but 24 hours later and made our way back home to Surry Hills. More grumping around when the taxi vouchers which were promised did not materialise, and no official communication came until we asked them about it. No phone cards (also promised) to ring friends and family who were waiting for us to arrive, either.

When I get back from this holiday, I am going to write SIA a nice letter. Thanks for ruining my holiday before it had even really begun, reducing my precious week by a day, with little to make up for my disappointment and upset feelings to start off this long-awaited trip with G back to my hometown. Even passengers on cattle class have rights. Warsaw Convention - I read the fine print of practically everything, it's an occupational hazard.

So as a source of comfort, what else do we turn to? Food of course. We trotted off to Fifi Foveaux for the herbed mushroom risotto and the fried calamari warm salad for lunch. That helped calm feelings a little.

For dinner tonight, G made sardine and anchovy pasta in tomato sauce, tossed with broccoli, carrots and artichoke hearts. It was very good. It was warm and comforting, just what I need after this very long day, and to prepare myself for yet another long travel day ahead.

Foot (food) note: This was a chocolate cake which Sue from work got me for my birthday the day before. We topped off my birthday celebratory dinner at Tabou with the cake and a dollop of chocolate ice-cream for dessert.

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