Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday Night Yum

I hereby declare G the Risotto Man. I love his 4-mushroom risotto. And when stuck for what to eat for dinner, if he's offering to cook, I almost always request for that. It's flavoursome, simple yet so delicious.

Tonight, he decided to make a carrot risotto. That sounds a little strange I know, but I assure you it was yummy. The onion sauteed in butter, had just the right amount of crunch and the smell of the grated carrots mixed with white wine was just whetting one's appetite.

I rate his carrot risotto my number 2 favourite after the mushroom. He's made seafood risotto some weeks back but that was just too complex I reckon. The simple flavours are still the best.

We topped the risotto with salmon steaks grilled in the oven, with a side of green beans. It was a warming and satisfying dish.

And we finished off the meal with an apricot tart, actually a sliver of tart since we are trying to be moderate with our dessert intake. Left to our own devices with no rules in place, we would be back to gorging on desserts over the weekend to make up for the deprivation of the week, undoing any good work and results of our healthy regime.

Home-cooked meals like this, is one good reason to stay home on a Saturday night.

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