Friday, July 04, 2008

Off Day

Winter Solstice. The shortest day of the year has passed us by. And the days will get progressively longer, and this means we are inching towards summer. Well it didn't quite feel like that today certainly, with the rain and the cold. It's a good thing I worked from home today, whilst nursing a fever and wooziness when I walk around too much. Sitting in my sweats and socks while taking 3 conference calls was a comfortable way of working. Could get used to this.

Don't know if it's the cold that made my fingers insensitive (unsensing?), but the accidental scrape against the blunt edge of a tin which normally wouldn't come to much harm, must have been a harder scrape than it felt, because a whole piece of flesh came away. Not skin. Flesh.

I recoiled in horror when I realised what I had done. To myself. In a bid to quickly seal the wound and hope that it would mend itself if I put everything together in double quick time, and also to not have to see the gaping dent in my finger, I tape a bandaid over the self-inflicted wound. Nothing. Bleeding started a little but didn't wet the bandaid as I expected. The pain only started 10 minutes later, when feeling slowly returned to the finger. A sharp aching that went on but I soon distracted myself from, with a 50 minute work conference call. That was good. And now I just hope everything grows back quickly and I do not need a tetanus shot.



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